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  3. Caution for Imitation Products of DUEL and YO-ZURI

Caution for Imitation Products of DUEL and YO-ZURI

Dear customers, Thank you very much for your continued support. We have recently found that imitation products, which infringe our trademark, industrial design and patent, are sold in the market. Although these products look similar to our products, some of these imitations have poor-quality performance and finish. In addition, the use of these imitations has caused some serious problems. Please be advised that we cannot compensate for any complaints or accidents due to the use of imitation products. In order to avoid abovementioned problems, we strongly recommend purchasing our products from our authorized dealers introduced on our website. Also, please make sure before purchasing that you choose our official products. We will take appropriate legal actions against manufacturing, importing and selling imitations of our products that infringe our trademarks, industrial design and patent. Please promptly inform us in case you find imitations of our products.

■Examples of imitation product